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In addition to being a WordPress theme, Divi is a complete design framework that lets you create every part of your website from scratch

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Divi WordPress Theme

About The Divi Theme

Elegant Themes’ Divi website building framework simplifies the process of building and managing WordPress themes and websites by dramatically reducing the amount of coding required.

An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and pre-coded modules enable Divi to be customized at will, allowing modules to be dropped into any position. You can choose from a variety of modules, such as Code, Image, Slider, Text, and Video. The Divi theme diminishes the need for coding, but a skilled web designer can still write custom code if you need something Divi or an existing plugin cannot do.

Would Divi be a good fit for your company?

The Divi WordPress theme/framework is the most popular theme out there. Do you think it’s right for you?

Divi overrides WordPress’ block editor, so you rarely have to create custom-coded templates or UIs (user interfaces) for editing those pages anymore. Using Divi, you can not only design/build a new website, but you can also redesign an existing page or entire website faster.

The WordPress Posts (blog content) are sometimes handled differently than the WordPress Pages (page content). The Divi Theme Builder is best for designing templates for posts and other blog-related elements. When using WordPress’ block editor, you can write blog posts ideally.



Frequently Asked Questions About Divi


Performance is slow

We have not found any connection between Divi and any of the performance issues I’ve investigated. Overuse of plugins; excessive use of animation; loading too many resources from other domains; and so on, all contribute to a slow-loading website. Budget hosting; unoptimized and oversized images; the absence of a content delivery network (CDN); and so on, all contribute to a slow-loading website. Divi is not the only software that has these issues.


Lack of Flexibility.

When used by an experienced, knowledgeable web designer, Divi can be extremely flexible. There are some small businesses who argue that WordPress is actually too flexible – and eventually opt for more restrictive, proprietary content management systems. Divi has proven to be very flexible when used in conjunction with other tools and techniques, otherwise we would not use it.


Bloated Code and Excess Plugins

Page builder frameworks like Divi and others produce verbose front-end code. It will, however, never be visible to your website visitors. Our Goal as a web dev team is to write code that is concise, neatly formatted, and well-organized. It is unethical and wasteful for me to write code just for the purpose of writing code.


There is a similarity between all Divi websites.

 It’s natural for every website a web designer creates using the Divi framework to look the same and uninspired if they cannot deviate from Divi’s default settings – whether due to budgetary or time constraints. The Divi theme is not a web designer. Designers use it to create websites.


Poor Support By Developers

The Divi support from Elegant Themes is as good as any I’ve seen. If you need assistance, you can also access a user forum and tech support via email or chat. By hiring us, you will not need to contact Elegant Themes for assistance. The majority of complaints I’ve seen were due to the questioner’s lack of experience with web design.