What Programming Language Should you Start With?

February 27, 2023

Best Programming Languages to learn in 2023




As of 2023, JavaScript is the most popular programming language. Web and mobile applications can be made more interactive by using JavaScript (JS). With JavaScript, you can add animations, dropdown menus, and color-changing buttons to websites to make them come alive. Nearly every website on the web runs off Javascript. After learning Js there are poplar frameworks you can dive into such as React.js, Vue.js, and Next.js.

Is JavaScript worth learning?

Check out the features in the following section to determine if JavaScript is right for you. For front-end developers, JavaScript is an excellent programming language to learn. Nearly 98 percent of all websites use JavaScript as a front-end programming language

JavaScript’s main features

Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are examples of popular websites and mobile applications developed with JavaScript. Why should you learn this popular programming language?

  • IF you want to get a job fast, learn Javascript. After mastering JS, you will have a wide range of career options to choose from
  • The JavaScript language is simple to learn. Unlike some other langues in this list JS is on the easier side to pick up and start building projects As well as being relatively easy to learn, JS is also easy to recognize and implement due to its popularity.
  • The JavaScript programming language is interactive. In addition to zooming capabilities and dropdown menus, JS adds a noticeable and responsive element to websites. With these elements, JS enhances the user’s experience and makes website development more attractive.
  • Other programming languages can be used with JavaScript. A core language used to build websites, JS is closely aligned with CSS and HTML. Furthermore, programmers can specialize their skills by learning a variety of frameworks and libraries.



Resources to learn JavaScript






This dynamic object-oriented programming language combines data structures with easy-to-learn syntax. Data analysis and machine learning are two examples of simple applications, such as powering a moderator bot. Open Source Machine Learning (AI) Frameworks such as TensorFlow utilize Python programming

How does object-oriented programming work?

Class, object, method, and attribute are reusable units of code that make up object-oriented programming. A mobile application is a good example of this type of programming approach.

What are the benefits of learning Python?

The Python programming language is useful for a wide range of tasks, including game development and statistical analysis. Also popular with artificial intelligence engineers and machine learning specialists. You might want to learn Python if you’re considering getting into software or application development but aren’t sure which specialty you want.

What Python is known for


In 1991, Python was introduced, giving it time to grow and gain popularity. You will find a common theme in this list is none of the Langgues we choose are new. Developing a programming language takes time because it has to become accepted and embraced by the community. There are two primary reasons why developers should learn Python for web development and software applications:

  • There are many uses for Python. The Python programming language is very versatile and highly-utilized. The versatility of Python has made it suitable for everything from basic web development to complex AI systems and embedded projects. In addition, Python has the ability to act as a “glue” code for connecting and interacting with different programming components across all operating systems.
  • Python is a simple programming language. English-speaking programmers find Python to be easier to read and understand than numerically-oriented languages because its syntax is based on English grammar. As an open-source programming language, Python is also free to download and use.






The C++ programming language is an enhancement of C and is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. The versatility of C++ makes it the best language for learning programming. Video games, graphics software, and web browsers can all benefit from its fast and powerful nature.

In addition to its low-level characteristics, it also allows abstraction for smaller projects, making it very suitable for system programming. Furthermore, C++ offers multi-paradigm coding support, including OOP, generics, and imperatives. C++’s complex syntax can pose a challenge to beginners, as it is more complex than other programming languages. It is also takes time to master and you will not be able to just throw up projects like you can with Javascript or Python

Software developers and programming architects, for instance, require C++ proficiency in order to land jobs. As one of the most complex coding languages, C++ developer jobs are in high demand at the moment. That being said there is a lot of compition for C++ jobs due to it being one of the more popular languages taught by colleges in the united states.

C++ Learning Resources



C programming language

The C programming language is a multi-paradigm, procedural language. Structured programming is supported, so it is a low-level language that does not require much runtime. C is a great language for operating systems, hardware drivers, and kernel-level applications.

What are the benefits of learning C?

The C programming language is one of the oldest and most widely used languages for writing software. In order to understand computer architecture, networking, and operating systems, many people consider learning C essential.


What C is good for


Communication may be the main reason why C is so popular, despite the fact that there are many compelling reasons for learning it. The C language makes it easy for developers to communicate with one another and with their machines. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Collaboration is easy with C. Programmers call it the common language. As a result, learning it will allow you to communicate and interact with developers at all levels.
  • The C programming language is portable and efficient. Programmers like C because it allows them to communicate easily and efficiently with programs. Almost all popular programs, such as Windows, Linux, and iOS, use C. Additionally, because it’s an ancient programming language, it serves as backbone code for many older and newer applications.




Java is an object-oriented, class-based programming language. The “write once, run anywhere” philosophy of Java makes it popular for cross-platform applications. There are many uses for it, including desktop development and mobile development.

It’s an excellent choice for a beginner programmer since Java offers many opportunities, though it’s not quite as easy to learn as languages like Python. Once you learn Java, your skills can be transferred to other languages (e.g., C, C++, C#).

Due to the fact that Java applications can be deployed across multiple platforms, Java is very popular for software development. Java is widely used to develop mobile applications, including Android apps. It is actually Java that is used in large parts of the Android operating system.

What should you learn

In the end, it really comes down to what you are most interested in specializing in. If you like building websites, go with JavaScript. Consider Python for machine learning or artificial intelligence. If you are interested in computer hardware or low level operating systems go with C or C++. Ultimately just pick one and stick with it. A lot of new developers just stuck up on choosing what languages they want to learn. Really it doesn’t matter and once you master one it will be easier to pick up the next one

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