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As a full service creative agency and Morgantown web design company, we offer cutting edge services. A technical and marketing approach is taken by the LWT team when it comes to your web site.



Having implemented the latest web standards and programming techniques, our web development experts are experts at online marketing. Our web development powerhouse includes in-house art direction, creative design, photography, video production, and multimedia services.

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Our Process

local SEO

 As part of our Vermont web design services, our expert team incorporates local SEO best practices that make it easier for customers to find you.

hosting and security

With our professionally managed hosting services, you can keep your website updated, backed up, and protected from security threats

Backlink Checker

Analyzing your backlinks is an essential part of any website analysis. Track your domain score, your link profile, and your traffic metrics. Then you can see what works and what needs improvement.

Comprehensive Website Audit

 Ranking a website depends on many factors. The goal of a full audit is to identify problems that may be holding back your site from achieving its full potential.

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Local Website team

Our Services

Custom WordPress Sites

WordPress powers over 80,000,000 live websites on the web, so you can’t go wrong. There are a lot of CMS’s out there, but WordPress is by far the most versatile of them all.

Our team has the expertise to build your next business website, whether it’s an e-commerce solution to increase sales, a remarketing solution, or a content management system.

Responsive Web Design and User Experience

The current web results can be devastating to your organic traffic if your site is not mobile/tablet-friendly. In some cases, Google has deindexed sites that don’t have mobile-friendly websites since last year. You’re losing a lot of customers if you provide a poor user experience for tablets and mobile devices. Designing responsive websites, landing pages, and email templates is what we do best.


Improve your website’s search engine rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is built into our web sites. Using Google, voice search, or local listings, we make sure your visitors can find your site.

Mobile Application Development

With mobile device adoption rates on the rise, businesses must reevaluate how they reach their target audiences. Mobile screens are where the eyeballs are, so if you want your business to reach the most people, you need to be there.

Our team specializes in rapid development of mobile apps across multiple platforms that reflect your business’ branding and marketing strategy.

Local Website Team

Optimize Your Website Today 

According to a recent study, just the top five search listings on Google capture more than 70% of search traffic! In other words, if you’re not ranked within the top five search listings for a valuable keyword term, you’re probably invisible to the vast majority of your potential customers.

Every website built by Local Website Team is SEO-friendly. We know West Virginia small businesses want their products and services to be found worldwide, in addition to in their hometown. LWT’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services prepare your site for future growth and visibility, from keyword research to properly optimized images and speed.

Search engine optimization services provided by LWT are cost-effective, easy-to-use, and based on common sense. You can count on us to put your products and services in front of clients quickly and clearly. To meet your current and future web marketing needs, we can also customize an affordable online marketing program.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Research & Selection of KeywordsVermont Local SEO - What Is It?

To achieve success in SEO, it is essential to focus on the right keywords. When it comes to SEO, less is often more compared to other keyword-based strategies such as paid search. The best keywords for your site are identified by analyzing each core page.

WV Local SEO - What Is It?

The term local search engine optimization (SEO) refers to marketing to/for small businesses with one location or multiple locations in West Virginia. The base location and surrounding WV communities should be the focus of all SEO tactics.

Social Media Marketing

You can target your marketing and advertise for free by interacting with your customers on social media.


What is Content Optimization?

When it comes to SEO, content is king. It is imperative that you add new, unique, SEO-optimized content to your site. In order to ensure your site stands out from the crowd, we optimize each page on your site around its core keyword theme, suggest new content ideas, and even write new pages, posts, and copy for your site.

What are Backlinks?

It is common for business owners to be skeptic about the value and usefulness of social media. Your company’s social media accounts can be turned into lead generators with the application of precise strategies. We can also increase brand awareness by utilizing a great engagement strategy. We can help you set up social media accounts if your business lacks them. We also create all the social media content you’ll need to become popular on social media with the help of our team.

Business Listing Optimization

Consumers use hundreds of other business listing sites to search for local businesses, in addition to Google My Business. To ensure your business is prominently displayed on Google and hundreds of other business directories, we setup, optimize, and manage your listings.