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In the same way that you have a physical store, you have a website. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for in a shop where the lights are out and the place smells bad. Your brand would look untrustworthy and unprofessional if you offered that kind of user experience.


The design and development of your website will determine whether your online business succeeds or fails! You and your business will benefit from understanding why web design and the look of your website are critical.


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Follow the website analysis report if you want more search traffic. Using it, you will be able to identify all SEO errors that need to be corrected.

Site Speed Checker

 The speed of your site no longer just determines your conversion rate, but also how high it ranks in search engines. It is important to perform a speed analysis 

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Analyzing your backlinks is an essential part of any website analysis. Track your domain score, your link profile, and your traffic metrics. Then you can see what works and what needs improvement.

Comprehensive Website Audit

 Ranking a website depends on many factors. The goal of a full audit is to identify problems that may be holding back your site from achieving its full potential.

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Local Website team

Build a Website that Converts 

When it comes to getting more sales and potential new clients, a website that is designed with sales and conversions in mind makes all the difference.

As a website design and development company, Local Website Team has plenty of experience helping businesses expand and grow. Building your online presence requires a functional, beautiful, and user-friendly website.

A skilled website developer in South Dakota, US, as well as an experienced web designer, are essential to the design and development of your new website.


South Dakota SEO Experts

When people aren’t able to find your South Dakota business website online, you don’t have a website at all. Local Website Team’s search engine optimization (SEO) services can help turn that around. In order to appear at the top of search results, your business website must have good rankings. A results-driven approach is needed to maximize the visibility of your business website on the internet. Whenever possible, we will follow Google and Bing’s best practices.

In order to attract customers and search engines bots to your business website, your website must have certain characteristics. The site’s content, for example, must be relevant and extremely unique. Moreover, it should provide the most accurate information to web searchers. Your website will get better rankings faster and more efficiently with certain cost-effective strategies. In the following sections, we will examine some of them.


Local Website Team

Optimize Your Website Today 

For your website to be successful, it must be fast and effective. In addition to looking modern, the website should be cost-effective as well. You must also be able to manage your business website easily. With our services, you can easily design and develop that perfect website. We can help your business boost its online presence with the help of our professional designers and developers. We can customize an existing theme from our library or we can design/develop a website from scratch for your business.

A site’s design and development is influenced by your personal preferences and budget. Redesigning an existing site and updating it can sometimes be cost-effective. An effective website can launch your company to the next level, and one shouldn’t underestimate its importance. The competition is fierce, and you also need to make an impression on anyone who checks out your website for the first time. In the past several years, we have designed several custom websites for several clients that look modern and professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keyword Research?

Search engine optimization campaigns are successful when keyword research is an integral part of the process. Through keyword research, we will optimize your website so that it ranks higher in the search engines. Researching keywords is all about finding the best keywords that web searchers use to find products and services like yours. It is also not easy to find the best keywords. Your business will dominate its competitors if this process is executed effectively.

We will start by using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to find keywords. Additionally, our team will use some proprietary software programs to find the right keywords and benefit immensely from them. It goes without saying that you know your customers, so your input also plays a significant role in the research process. Your company needs to appear more often on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) by finding all those terms and phrases. Aside from driving more web traffic to your site, keyword research also helps you rank higher on search engines.

South Dakota BackLinks

There are several ways in which backlinks from real websites with authority can help your business’s online exposure. Link building has gained a lot of attention among South Dakota business owners due to its potential to enhance SEO campaigns. The problem is that they are unable to perform it perfectly due to a lack of skills and knowledge. With LWS, you can get links from websites with relevant content and a history of backlinks. In order to promote your business with backlinks, our team will contact other websites that are willing to do so.

Search engines can be convinced that your website is relevant, reliable, and full of unique content by building links in accordance with their guidelines. A couple of years ago, adding links within content worked; now Google ranks websites based on how many backlinks they have that are useful to users. Studying your industry and consumers helps us determine where to backlink. Did you know that keyword research and backlinks are directly related?

Our experience over the years has taught us that white hat link building strategies tend to generate long-term results. Your business will always benefit from our strategies that promote natural incoming links. Nowadays, Google pays more attention to the quality and relevance of backlinks than to their quantity. Even though less than stellar link building practices might produce the desired results today, it is only a matter of time before Google or Microsoft catches up with them and penalizes them.

Local SEO Services in South Dakota

Small businesses in South Dakota are finding local SEO to be a highly effective online marketing strategy. You cannot effectively promote your products or services in a specific area if you do not use local SEO strategies. The first step to optimizing your business for local search results is to claim your Google My Business (GMB) account. Most people do not realize how important it is to have the correct keywords in their GMB profile. The GMB profile will also be updated with accurate name, address, and phone number (NAP) information.

Google gives ample weight to accurate information about your business on the web. Search engines are in the business of providing web users with the most accurate information. The online ranking of your business will be affected if the information you provide about it is inaccurate. Right now, you have local buyers in your market interested in transacting with you right away. Your business will be listed on top of the search results – right in front of those who are genuinely interested in your services.

Directory listings are an essential part of local SEO. A number of popular online directories should list the details of your business. Increasing foot traffic to your business will be possible only then. Your local SEO campaign will essentially be improved by listing your business in these online directories. Your products or services can also be reviewed by existing customers after they have purchased them. In order to help your business reach the next level, we engage with your customers in a way that compel them to leave positive reviews.

Social Media Management in South Dakota

It is common for business owners to be skeptic about the value and usefulness of social media. Your company’s social media accounts can be turned into lead generators with the application of precise strategies. We can also increase brand awareness by utilizing a great engagement strategy. We can help you set up social media accounts if your business lacks them. We also create all the social media content you’ll need to become popular on social media with the help of our team.